The Law Office of Kimberly Fowler Bandoh, LLC

We are dedicated to providing exceptional, cost-effective legal representation. We offer a wide-range of legal services on behalf of both corporate and individual clients, with an emphasis on all types of litigation. We provide personalized attention and pride ourselves on our client service. We dedicate ourselves to fully learning and understanding each client’s business and/or personal situation so that we can most effectively represent and advise each client.

The Law Office of Kimberly F. Bandoh, LLC was founded by Kimberly Fowler Bandoh in 2005. Attorney Bandoh is considered to be a very dynamic and highly-talented attorney. Attorney Bandoh is a former prosecutor and Judge.  Currently Attorney Bandoh practices immigration, personal injury, criminal defense, family law, and represents small businesses.  Her experiences have resulted in a law practice with the talent, experience, creativity and high-quality work of large law firms, but with a more personal, cost-effective approach. We always promptly respond to your telephone calls and e-mails!